Dr. Random

Last weekend, while at work, I decided I wanted to try out blogging. I am not a writer, I just wanted to find a place to write about random trivia, like health and wellness, which more of an emphasis on nutrition and the brain, but also discussing what it is like to be a Norwegian living in the U.S.

I figured I would use this first post as a way to see how this blogging stuff works, and maybe explain a few things about myself and my background. Starting with the username, as of this date I am not an actual doctor, but I chose it for two reasons. First reason being simply the fact that I will be starting nursing school next fall, 2016, where I will first get my bachelor’s degree, after which I will be going straight for my doctorate’s degree in nursing. The second reason has more of a story behind it. While I was attending Waubonsee Community College, I was taking a biology class, Principles of Biology, which is a lower level class. At that point in time I had taken several other 200 level classes, and some of those included lab work, so I was well prepared for this 100 level class. During the first day everybody said something about themselves and what their future major was supposed to be, I said I was going for my doctorate in nursing. One of my classmates would not forget that, and a few labs in through the semester she wanted to as me a question, but did not remember my name, so to get my attention she said “Hey! Doctor!” Not sure why, but I reacted and looked at her. To her amusement she decided to just refer to me as “Doctor,” and her lab-partners did so as well. Random I picked simply because of my tendencies of being random, as well as just knowing random weird that, which I enjoy sharing with my massage clients at work.


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